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The Ultimate Italian Dining Experience
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Moda Italian Restaurant
At Moda we pride ourselves on offering only the highest quality food and drink.
A La Carte Menu
Dessert Menu
Our Chef's are also happy to offer a range of Gluten free pasta with a variety of sauces.
Below you will find our current menu to view, or alternatively you can download our menus from the links on the right.
  Daily Soup - £5.95  
Antipasto Italiano Freshly made seasonal soup, made to the chef’s own recipe.  
Funghi con aglio (v) - £6.95  
Button mushrooms cooked in cream, white wine and garlic.  
Insalata di gamberetti - £7.45  
Marinated king prawns served on a bed of baby gem lettuce, with Marie Rose sauce,
slow roast cherry tomatoes, grissini and chilli oil.
  Costolle di maiale - £7.95  
  Spare ribs in home made barbecue sauce with salad garnish.  
  Antipasto Italiano - £8.95 - Signature Dish  
  A selection of the finest cured Italian meats serverd with grilled vegetables,
sunblush tomatoes, artichokes, chutney and crostini.
  Salt and pepper crust squid, deep fried and served with fresh lemon,
wasabi mayonnaise, spicy tomato dip and salad garnish.
  Formaggi fritti (v) - £6.95  
Trio di pesce Deep fried crumbed brie served with cranberry sauce, pesto and salad garnish.  
Trio di pesce - £8.45 - Signature Dish  
A trio of superior smoked salmon, fresh white crab meat and king prawns
served with marie rose sauce and home made bread and butter.
Ravioli con tartufo (v) - £8.45  
Porcini mushroom ravioli with black truffle sauce, sage,
parmesan cheese & champagne cream.
  Speciale Misto - £8.95 - Signature Dish  
  Chef’s favourite five Smoked salmon, soft cheese and prawn
Seared sashimi tuna Fried fish ball with tempura prawn
Fresh white crab meat Mini seafood salad shell.
  Bruschetta (v) - £6.95  
  Slow roast cherry tomatoes, fresh basil and caramelised red onions
served on toasted ciabatta bread with pesto.
  Funghi al pecorino (v) - £7.95  
  Sautéed mushrooms with garlic, spinach, goats cheese and pine nuts,
served on toasted ciabatta bread with pesto.
  Polpette piccanti - £7.45  
  Homemade Italian meatballs in a spicy tomato sauce with
mozzarella cheese and served with fresh bread.
  Deep fried breaded mushrooms filled with Italian gorgonzola cheese,
servered with mixed leaf salad, sun blushed tomatoes and homemade dips.
  Moda skinny pizza - £7.95 - Signature Dish  
  Choose from: Chorizo with Roast peppers, fresh basil, parmesan
cheese, sunblush tomato & balsamic reduction.
Lemon & herb chicken with avocado, creamy chipotle sauce, red peppers & fresh coriander.
Caramelized red onions with Italian Taleggio cheese, semi dried tomatoes
& fresh rocket pesto.
  Risotto fruitti di mare - £13.95  
  Rice cooked with king prawns, mussels, salmon and calamari with
white wine, cherry tomatoes, fresh herbs, chilli, cream and tomato.
Risotto lobster bisque
Risotto Lombardo - £13.95  
Rice cooked with chicken and chorizo sausage with tomato, fresh chilli,
onions, peppers and peas with crispy parmesan.
Risotto funghi gorgonzola (v) - £12.95  
Rice cooked with wild porcini mushrooms, white wine and garlic with melted Gorgonzola cheese,
fresh rocket salad and parmesan shavings.
Risotto al marsala - £13.95 - Signature Dish  
  Rice cooked with Italian pancetta and chicken with sweet marsala wine,
green apple purée and cream, topped with crispy Parma ham and dried apple.
  Panne - breads  
  All our breads are made using fresh home made dough.  
  Garlic bread (v) - £3.95  
Moda's Bread
Garlic bread with cheese and tomato (v) - £4.75  
Garlic bread with cheese, tomato
and freshly diced chillies (v) - £4.95
Trio toasted bread, virgin oil and mixed olives (v) - £4.95  
  Spaghetti Bolognese - £10.95  
Moda's Pasta Spaghetti with classic homemade Bolognese sauce.  
Penne Carbonara - £12.95  
Penne pasta with bacon, mushrooms, green peas and parmesan cheese in
cream and white wine sauce.
Lasagne al forno - £11.95  
Layers of pasta, mince beef and tomato, topped with Mozzarella cheese
and baked in the oven.
  Ravioli con salmone - £12.95  
  Pasta parcels stuffed with ricotta cheese and spinach in a light cream sauce
with fennel seed and pesto and topped with fresh smoked salmon.
  Penne piccanti - £11.95  
  Penne pasta with pepperoni, fresh chilli, red onions, cherry tomatoes, garlic
and tomato based sauce.
  Farfalle Primavera (v) - £11.95  
  Pasta bows in a tomato sauce with grilled aubergines, garlic, onions, peppers
sunblush tomatoes, pesto and fresh chillies.
  Linguini con gamberoni - £13.95  
  Linguini pasta with king prawns and smoked salmon in cream, white wine and
garlic with asparagus, cherry tomatoes, chilli and chopped fresh rocket.
Tagliatelle marinara - £14.95  
Ribbons of pasta with fresh prawns, mussels, salmon and calamari cooked
in white wine, garlic, chilli, tomato and cream.
Farfalle della casa - £13.95  
Pasta bows with diced chicken, pepperoni, bolognese sauce,
fresh chilli, mushrooms, cream, olives and fresh herbs.
  Pappardelle affumicate - £13.95  
  Large ribbons of pasta with smoked peppered mackerel in a creamy
white wine sauce with garlic, lemon, parsley, fresh chilli, capers,
leeks and toasted bread crumbs.
  Tagliatelle pollo - £12.95  
  Ribbons of pasta with diced chicken breast, mushrooms, cream,
tomato, white wine and garlic.
  Cannelloni spinaci e ricotta (v) - £12.95  
  Pasta tubes filled with seasoned ricotta cheese and spinach baked
in the oven with tomato, mozzarella and parmesan cheese sauce.
  Spaghetti alla polpette - £12.95  
  Spaghetti served with homemade Italian meatballs in a tomato
based sauce with garlic and fresh parsley.
  All our pizzas are hand stretched and stone baked using fresh home made dough,
served on a thin base with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese.
  Margherita (v) - £10.45  
Pizza Mozzarella, tomato and Italian herbs.  
Tropicana - £11.95  
Torn roast ham, mushrooms and pineapple.  
Calzone di Carne - £12.95  
Folded pizza filled with smoked ham, pepperoni and mushrooms,
topped with Bolognese sauce and mozzarella.
Calzone di Pollo - £12.95
Folded pizza filled with Chicken, mushrooms, spinach, garlic and
mozzarella cheese, topped with seasoned tomato sauce.
Calzone Vegetali (v) - £11.95  
  Folded pizza filled with mushrooms, onions, peppers and courgette
topped with seasoned tomato sauce and mozzarella.
  Piccanti - £11.95  
  Pepperoni, fresh chilli, sunblush tomatoes and red onions.  
  Marinara - £13.45  
  Fresh prawns, mussels, salmon, chilli and calamari.  
  Del Pastore - £12.95  
Pizza Chicken , goat's cheese, spinach, jalapenos and sunblush tomatoes.  
Vegetali (v) - £11.95  
Mushrooms, red onions, mixed peppers, grilled courgette and cherry tomatoes.  
Della casa - £12.95  
Minced beef, ham, pepperoni, chicken and salami.  
Salsiccia - £12.95  
Chicken, chorizo sausage, smoked cheese, red onion, garlic, slow roast peppers and fresh rocket.  
  Quattro formaggi speciale - £13.45  
  Mozzarella, gorgonzola, ricotta, parmesan, pepperoni, oregano
and red pepper flakes.
  All served with mixed seasonal vegetables (excluding pollo dijon, vino rosso and parmigiano).  
  Pollo alla crema - £14.95  
Pollo salsa rosa Chicken breast cooked in a creamy white wine sauce with onions, mushrooms and garlic.  
Pollo vino rosso - £15.45  
Chicken breast served with a reduced red wine sauce with shallots,
diced pancetta, green pea puree and creamy parmesan mash.
Pollo fontina - £15.95  
Chicken breast filled with zucchine, melted fontina cheese & fresh thyme, wrapped
with cured forest ham with cream, garlic & white wine sauce.
Pollo mandorla - £15.95 - Signature Dish  
  Chicken breast filled with artichokes, roast almonds, spinach and parmesan
cheese, served with a smooth & creamy honey mustard sauce.
  Pollo cacciatora - £14.95  
  Chicken breast cooked in a tomato sauce with garlic, onions, peppers,
chorizo sausage, sunblush tomatoes, red wine and fresh chillies.
  Pollo caprese - £15.45  
  Chicken breast stuffed with sunblush tomatoes, spinach and mozzarella, wrapped
with cured forest ham, served with garlic, tomato & red wine sauce.
Pollo pappardelle - £14.95
Crispy bread crumb chicken with a garlic butter and herb centre topped with lemon caesar sauce & served with tomato, garlic & pappardelle pasta.
  All our steaks are 9oz best cut of fillet and aged for a minimum of
28 days, served with mixed seasonal vegetables.
  Prime Fillet steak - £24.95  
Moda's Steaks
Choose your sauce - £1.50
(Tomato, red wine, chilli, peppers and sunblush tomatoes.)  
(Cream, mushrooms, red wine, French mustard and brandy.)  
  (Italian blue cheese, cream and mushrooms.)  
  Pepe verde  
  (French mustard, cream, brandy and mixed peppercorns.)  
  (Smooth luxury paté, madeira wine, truffle oil and toasted crouton.)  
  Sambuca salmone - £17.95  
Cappesanto Con Zafferano Fresh salmon fillet and prawns cooked in sambuca, cream, tomato and
sage sauce served with parmesan mash and crispy tempura prawns.
Bacala con Chorizo - £18.95  
Roast cod fillet with chorizo sausage, cherry tomatoes, red peppers and
fresh basil served with panfried new potatoes with smoked paprika.
Ravioli lobster bisque - £16.95  
Delicate lobster filled ravioli with prawns, served with smooth lobster bisque
sauce, sautéed asparagus and red peppercorns.
Branzino piccanti - £18.95  
Pan fried sea bass fillets with fresh lemon, ginger, garlic and
chilli, served with dressed mixed leaf salad and roast new potatoes.
Super gamberoni speciale - £24.95 - Chefs Choice
Giant king prawns de-shelled (head & tail on) cooked in a garlic butter sauce
with fresh chilli, white wine, lemon juice and parsley, served with steamed rice.
  Our signature Moda skewer boards are prepared and cooked with care
using authentic Italian herbs and spices.
Moda's Steaks Pollo spiedino - £15.95 - Signature Dish
Succulent garlic, lemon and herb chicken grilled and served with fresh
Mediterranean salad, seasoned fries and condiments.
Marinara spiedino - £17.95 - Signature Dish  
Freshly steamed salmon, swordfish and tiger prawns with garlic, lemon and
chilli served with fresh Mediterranean salad, seasoned fries and condiments.
Filleto spiedino - £18.95 - Signature Dish  
Grilled cubes of succulent fillet marinated in red wine and cracked black
pepper served with fresh Mediterranean salad, seasoned fries & condiments.
  Parmesan & butter mash - £3.95  
Side Dish Mozzarella, vine tomatoes and basil
Sweet potato fries & dip - £3.95  
Chips - £3.95
MODA chunky chips - £3.95
Creamy Sauteed Spinach - £3.95  
Rocket & Parmesan, balsamic reduction - £4.75  
  Mixed side salad - £4.25  
  Zucchine Fritti (Crispy courgette with sea salt) - £4.45  
  Marinated mixed olives - £3.95  
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